Wooley Edge

Opened: 1972
Original owner: Taverna (Esso)
Later owned by: Granada (mid 1980’s?)
Current Owner: Moto


Birch Services on the M62 are designed in a similar way (both have a distinctive roof structure from the outside)

Orginally had a huge bank of Vending machines including microwaves to self-serve food

Has a secret exit. It is possible to switch between the northbound and southbound sites by using nearby Bramley Lane. Users of the lodge need to do this to access the building, which is on the northbound only. The exit is controlled by a automatic bollard + intercom to prevent regular access

The southbound site had a lodge built in 2001

I usually stop off on the southbound services (the first on the M1 for me after turning off from the M62). Its was always small service station although recently enlarged, but the small size does offer it a intimacy (if you can have intimacy in a MSA!) and a spectacular view north. Recently converted to typical Quick Service Multiple Vendor type cafeteria. I found the service outstanding, and great attention to detail (the duty manager out and about checking everything from the restaurant to the toilets!)

Nigel Moore for information about the exit + hotel
Andrew M C Brodie – Lodge information

Received votes a sample of comments (archived from our old site):

People who prefer this MSA 9
People happy to visit 5
People who avoid this MSA 4
Selection of comments received This may be an urban myth but allegedly the bridge structure really was meant to be a bridge…30/11/2005 20:00:53
24/06/2006 14:42:00
29/06/2006 19:03:23
Truly disgusting, car park pot holed, toilets filthy and very smelly, food outlets filthy 20/01/2007 10:29:39
The best service area on the motorway network. terrific foos store 16/09/2007 22:00:22
I just love stopping at this service area or better still staying a night or two at the Cravan Site. It is such a beautiful area of Cumbria that I just never tire of 25/02/2008 22:16:48
It is Woolley not Wooley . 04/01/2011 19:58:41

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