Leigh Delamere Services



Opened: 1972
Original owner:
Current Owner: Moto





A very big MSA- and one of Moto’s largest along with Cherwell Valley, Hilton ParkForton, and Reading. Used as a coach transfer station.

Has a variety of shops, (Birthday’s cards, Luxury chocolates, mobile phone, Hairdressers, etc) so a good place to stop if you need these things. Also has a fast coffee to go shop just inside the door for those who don’t want to stop for too long.
Eastbound services also has a Barber shop.

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  1. I was there in 1987. It was the first motorway services I was at, as I live overseas and was very young, aged 14. I was amazed at this place, I thought it was heaven…….. 😉 Cant remember the food, just the shops and never bought so much in such a little place…. Glad to see that it is still there 25 years later.

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