Tibshelf Services

Opened: 1998Current Owner: RoadChef


From Mike B:
“On the M1 north of Junction 28 stubs were built for a service area when the road was first built. The present Tibshelf Services however were actually built just south of these stubs which can still be seen unused. I’m not sure why this is the case, but the present position does mean that the slip roads are sharply curved and entry and exits are at the same point rather than at the north and south ends of the site as they would have been.”

From Tony Lloyd
“Northbound – the design is like a tunnel. It’s quite a small service area. The front door basically leads an open corridor straight through to more doors at the opposite end. There’s toilets at the back, a wee arcade and a couple of retail outlets on one side, and
a standard msa cafe on the other side. Must be the service area with the least natural light, EVER, as the only windows are the far side of the cafe, and the doors at each end. Mmmm. Gloomy. ”

Ross Bowman – picture.
Tony Lloyd – description
Mike Burgoyne – Stubs

Received votes and a sample of comments:(archived from old site)

People who prefer this MSA 19
People happy to visit 8
People who avoid this MSA 14
Selection of comments received The access road is a sight to behold!! 30/05/2005 03:57:34
the noisiest yet; even outside a massive leaf sucking vehicle; out of date milk in the shop.YUK!!!23/11/2005 11:37:15
The cafeteria service people are always friendly. The services are in pleasant surroundings with space to walk away from traffic and exercise the dog. 13/12/2005 05:45:56
should be closed down men in the toilets watch you whilst urinating staff dont care DISGUSTING !!14/03/2006 23:06:12
The staff at this MSA are extremely polite and helpful especially the cook, NICHOLA. 15/03/2006 18:01:39
Car park too small, lots of over prces stuff in the shop. I was desparate for the loo once and it was lucky I was not driving at the time so I had to bail out and wait for the driver to find a parking space in the overcrowded car park. 29/03/2006 22:11:46
24/06/2006 14:33:41
Its got loads of facilities, but it looks very drab and the food selection is unimaginative. Youre better off going to the nearby Westmorland services for a better experience, but slightly higher prices.26/12/2006 23:40:56
Had curtains slashed on trailer twice in the same night, security is rubbish for £15 per night not good enough. 19/01/2007 13:56:44
Love Starbucks Coffee Northbound 04/05/2007 17:19:00
EXPENSIVE! 28/05/2007 12:21:04
i am a coach driver and i always get excellent service. the staff are very friendly and the food is very goog 16/10/2007 14:46:12
Rogue parking company i must agree, i parked in the coach area between 2 coachs to go to the tiolet which took 4 minutes to come out and find a clamp on my van. i can not park on the carpark as my van is to long and the lorries were doubled up 03/11/2007 17:14:35
i find Tibshelf is the best this one is dirty and the staff can be slow when serving. 06/01/2008 17:43:36
Confusing signage on entering n/bnd. Otherwise fine. Good period atmosphere. 05/05/2008 23:04:05
Southbound sign says NOW FULLY OPEN, sign has been there for over 10 years! 27/10/2010 19:54:31

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