Sandbach Services

Opened: 1976
Original owner: Roadchef
Current Owner: Roadchef


The first “in-fill” site to open – sites were orignally planned for every 30 miles but space was sometimes reserved every 15 miles. Up until this site opened, some other MSA’s had been extended to cope with demand.

The nearest MSA to Jodrell Bank (hey its still trivia!)

Sandbach’s web site
Matthew Writes: “Horrible stench of grease and cigarettes within it. Found the place a bit too cramped for my liking. Still, if I was hungry and needed a wee I would use it.”

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  1. I was among the first to use Sandbach newly opened by Roadchef , it was my first stop after leaving mid Warwickshire in the 70,s / 80,s. I havent been in since so i cant leave a rating !!

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