Keele Services

Opened: 1963
Original owner: Forte
Current Owner: Welcome Break

One of the few MSA’s to have a bridge restaurant.

BT Cellnet held a competition in 1999 for art students to come up with a new design for a mobile phone mast. A winning design was contructed as a concept example and is located at Keele Services (see pictures at manuafacturers website)

The Tidy Britain Group held an experiemental project here in 1998. Don’t know what that involved, but it was compared against a similar project on the A1 at Grantham.

Popular with local students (from Keele University) for whom it is the only place open locally in the small hours

Originally staffed rather like an aircraft, with hostesess who greet you- see picture. (traffic was obviously less in those days, today you are greeted by credit card sales people!)

Hostess greeting

Petrol Station – which would have provided about 4 different companies fuel.
Received votes and a sample of comments:(archived from old site)

People who prefer this MSA 21
People happy to visit 5
People who avoid this MSA 7
Selection of comments received Most expensive service station known to man 21/01/2006 20:53:45
Had signs seeming to direct those towing caravans etc. to get back on the motorway at one time!24/06/2006 14:47:41
Im a local and still visit these services good stop just before getting home, think Tower is an asset thats being missed out on, if could and given opportunity would reopen it myself !!!!!!!19/07/2006 15:27:03
The lake on the northbound site is lovely for a quick walk or a picnic on the way oop north11/09/2006 21:32:43
11/09/2006 21:36:19
Its a nice place to relax after time on the road. The toilets are ok and although fairly expensive, the costa coffee drinks are lovely. 26/03/2007 16:29:55
We went there fairly recently and got a freshly-cooked meal, unlike the under the hot plate stuff most MSA 13/08/2007 15:50:38
I always stop here for a break its great to de-stress by feeding the ducks. 26/08/2007 01:39:01
I always stop here travelling South. Its good to spend money on a local company that cares for their surroundings rather than the big chains who just want to make outragous sums of money.26/08/2007 01:58:47
Fond memories of LFE msa,only because when we lived at Braunstone we could see the msa from our house. 19/09/2007 03:49:41
Staff in restaurant were great, helpful, friendly and polite 25/02/2008 21:52:12
Visited 5/4/09. Went to Prima Coffee. only three of us waiting, three staff behing counter and we all had to wait ages. Crap service, and then the coffee was very luke warm, and not particularly much taste. Avoid it if you can. 05/04/2009 18:39:16

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