Woodall Services

Opened: 1968
Original owner: Forte
Current Owner: Welcome Break


Originally had different building designs on either side of the Motorway. This was very unusual at the time.

Each facility was housed in its own unique building

Phil Reynolds remembers: ” I remember stopping at Woodall in about 1980 (allow a year either side) to find that the price lists for food and drink were different on the two carriageways, with the cheaper one closed. This was probably a year when there was a major refurbishment at this site.”

Has a “secret” exit

Popular with coaches, and currently has a Coach Haven – a separate area for coach drivers. However, an earlier coach Haven at a different was not used and has since been removed.

The old distinctive features of the “original” Woodhall are all airbrushed out but you can still see the round circular ceiling window from the outside. Inside is a medium sized MSA, with the usual facilities, but of note, a few comfy sofas in the seating area (intended for coffee drinkers). My travelling companion ordered fish and chips, which was cooked to order, huge and very good, exceeding the standard of many a fish and chip restaurant. She wouldn’t praise anything which didn’t deserve it, so it must have been good! (she rated the loos as “scruffy, but better than the loos at an earlier stop”

At once point was one of the few MSA’s to have a Burger King & a MacDonalds on the same site

There’s this Coffee Primo in the restaurant area, and another in lounge area with SOFA’s adjacent to the main seating area.
Received votes and a sample of comments:(archived)

People who prefer this MSA 21
People happy to visit 10
People who avoid this MSA 7
Selection of comments received ITs clean, tidy & friendly. Downside rarely enough staff manning Burger King or KFC causing very slow moving queues both North & South 15/09/2005 13:15:09
24/06/2006 14:34:21
29/06/2006 19:10:59
This service area is currently going through a re-furbishment, i thought that the restaurant was closed when i entered the main foyer area but a polite lady in the shop encoureged me to have something to eat, i enjoyed a great curry!! 05/01/2007 19:01:24
Brilliant place, well remember Deirdre from my days as a Bobbie working motorway network in Lancashire 23/01/2007 19:51:28
Probably the best Service Area I have come across in Britain. 15/03/2007 14:15:59
10/05/2007 13:42:15
But the toilets both northbound and southbound are in desperate need of refurb 22/08/2007 20:21:42
Although the parking is free, but they made up for it in the price of the food 25/08/2007 15:44:26
Long wait for fast food but will keep returning. 16/09/2007 09:06:46
Not very good at night, few dodgy people hanging about at times too 31/10/2007 22:34:12
Its a nice service station, but last time I visited every single table was full of used coffee cups. I have to clear the coffee cups from one table onto a chair to make space for my toastie 01/12/2007 15:23:19
lake on northbound is lovely. the kids love feeding the ducks. 12/12/2007 15:12:44
Every Major MSA in England is ripping people off with high prices for all the goods and services they offer. They will never get better until they stop selling at exhorbitant prices and therefore increase their footflow and trade. 12/01/2008 17:14:53
clean tidy and well kept. Prices high like most. But when you need a piddle beggers cant be choosers. 01/08/2011 16:06:50

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  1. You should stop here especially if traveling south bound. The site has had a fantastic ‘refit. They have subway and Harry Ramsdens def worth a try. Toilets have a complete refit and are spot on an clean when I was their. Forecourt has had complete refit and hot food and staff all friendly. Think they doing north at some point watch out for the road works thou takes ages to get past it in rush hour that’s why I stoped thier.

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