Stafford Services


Northbound and Southbound are operated by different operators.

Opened: 1996
Original owner: Granada
Current Owner: Moto

Opened: 1999
Original owner: RoadChef
Current Owner: RoadChef



There is a distance of 1 mile between the two sites.

The Moto Site won English Loo of the year award in the Road Transport Category- You’ll see a Loo of the Yearaward at many sites, but this was judged the best in England.

RoadChefs Southbound website is here

Received votes and a sample of comments:(archived from old site)

People who prefer this MSA 16
People happy to visit 7
People who avoid this MSA 5
Selection of comments received It is now called Truckhaven. Instead of the usual overpriced fast food outlets, you get quality honest food and low prices. A wee gem! Take notes MSAs 14/06/2005 20:52:40
11/09/2006 21:35:12
Very badly planned fuel station southbound. 19/09/2006 17:30:03
Correction ( or not ) sercives were operating in 1964 think it started operations 62 or 63 my father operated a taxi form the site from 1964 1st passenger from Todd MSA was the chap who played Dennis Tanner in Coronation ST. 17/01/2007 11:22:30
Visited a few years ago – I was very impressed! 28/04/2007 22:02:01
paking tickets avoid!!!!!!!!!!!! 14/12/2007 13:38:32
This is my favorite MSA and since my wife died i like to go there for my sunday roastas its yummy.07/02/2008 15:20:22

One Comment

  1. Stafford South is one of my favourite Motorway Service Areas. It has all the elements that any tired traveller wants – Good toilets, choice of food, ample parking, newspapers and the bonus of a babbling pool, plus a sylvan picnic area. My only bad point (recently) is that the men’s toilets has the awful circular sink/soap/tap monstrosity. Something I thought (and hoped) was restricted to the M62 services, it seems this devils spawn is spreading its evil tentacles.

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