Southwaite Services

Opened: 1972
Original owner: Esso
Current Owner: Moto


Built the same year as Wooley Edge (M1) and Birch (M62), by the same architect

Originally Northbound only. Southbound services were added by Granada in 1977 as the Northbound side was very popular.

Moto used this site to trial dedicated zones for dogs to eat and drink. They provide a full water bowl, and if you ask a member of staff, they will give you a plastic bowl for food. Its since been rolled out to most, if not all, Moto Services

Southwaite in 1985, before the extensions (Photo: Michael Evans)

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People happy to visit 8
People who avoid this MSA 13
Selection of comments received the hotel is absolutely fantastic, staff are lovely, very clean, I thoroughly recommend it14/05/2005 14:20:33
This is without doubt the finest servioces in the country . Both for fayre parking areas shoppimg. Congratulations 25/06/2005 00:47:57
I always visit Southwaite on the way down to Wales from Scotland but always visit on the way home and stock up on goodies from the Farm Shop, which is wonderful. 14/07/2005 13:38:53
Very basic. Nothing special. A bit scruffy and not the cleanest of MSAs 13/09/2005 22:09:26
29/01/2006 12:54:37
The entrance slips always seem really tight – with those high kerbs too. Id hate to try to get a long vehicle in there. 17/03/2006 13:38:52
24/06/2006 14:51:48
best service station, nice and compact, serves KFC too 21/08/2007 22:06:50
Food poisoning from kfc 03/12/2007 18:16:09
Beware its actually a local cottaging spot (westbound side only) 25/01/2008 17:10:55
Gone down hill these past two years gretna green for me 22/01/2010 21:09:42

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