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November-11: Correcting links to reflect new pages. General page- Secret Exits modified, operators modified
October-11: Continued to move content to new site
sept-11: move to new site
12-Jan-09: Heston Services Lost Services
2-Jan-09: Heston Services Forton Services Cardiff West Links Lost

12-Dec-08: Minor updates to several pages
30-July-08: Strensham
14-jul-08: fixed a lot of site errors
27-apr-08: Burtonwood
23-apr-08: NorthamptonTebayTrowellLeicester Forest East
30-March-08: Operators
09-sep-07: ExeterNewport PagnellRownhamsAustTebayStrenshamRownhams
22-jul-07: Too many updates to mention- new sites added, and 5 old pictures added at Newport PagnellStrensham,RothersthorpeBurtonwoodSouthwaite
23-may-07: Newport Pagnell and Birchanger green updated
21-Dec-06: Charnock Richard &: Forton Updated
13-Nov-06: New feature. Show Me Your Motorway Services Dinner
Oct-06:Several new posts on the weblog
10-Sept-06: M11 Birchanger GreenM6 Sandbach, Lost MSA’s, M5 Exeter added. Welcome Breaks (or rather WELCOMEBREAK’s new look at Fleet, with more on the weblog including the proposed M11 Duxford Services
1-Sept-06: We now have a weblog for odds and ends and faster “current stuff”. Have a look & feel free to contribute
Also forgot to add the link to M5 Sedgemoor (duh)
11-Aug-06: Leigh Delemare Toddington updated.
01-Jul-06: Operators updated.
12-Jun-06: Pease PottageFortonLeicester ForestHarthill , BurtonwoodMemburyScratchwoodLost services,Operators
17-Mar-06: Leicester Forest East & Tibshelf & Charnock Richard & General page updated
11-Feb-06: Operators updated, Wolley Edge & Donnington updated. M5 Sedgemoor added (also known as Brent Knoll originally)
24-jan-06: Killington Lake pictures, Trowell triviaLost Services updated, Leicester Forest to close shock! Drown your sorrows at Lymm
25-Oct-05: Operators page updated, Pease Pottage, and Northampton updated.
18-Jul-05: New picture of Scratwood (London Gateway) and South Mimms updated
29-Jun-05: Burtonwood added, Operators updated M62 Hartshead Moor added, M74 Happendon added
18 May 05: You can now vote (and comment if you wish) on the M1 Stations too. Poplar/Lymm updated
17 May 05: New pictures: KnutsfordWatford GapTrowellForton updated, and a section on European MSA’s
12 May 05: Vote results (for the M6) now displayed
21-April-05: New: Rownhams – Tibshelf Donnington Woodhall Chievely Lost Services all updated and we find out the name of Peter Kays docusoap
8-April-05: We have now added the ability for you to rate service areas on the M6. You can rate each service area by visiting its page. It will shortly roll out to cover all the service areas if it seems useful. Results will be on display in just over a week once a quantity of opinions have been registered!
7-April-05: Lost motorway services updated (J35 M1)
4-April-05:Newport Pagnell new pictures; TrowellLeicester ForestTrowellCorleyHilton ParkWoodallNorton Canes, Tibshelf J38 Truckstop and Lymm truckstop Added. updated: operatorstimeline
07-March-05: Donington updated, Northampton added, M61 Bolton West old picture added. Operators updated to include Kenning Motor Group
16-Feb-05: ScratchwoodOperatorsClacket Lane,General page– New page: ChronologyM25 Cobham
11-Feb-05: Forton updated (why the pennine tower is closed) / Heston updated, Lost MSA and Operators page updated,
04-feb05: Updated each page to use CSS. In other words, if you think some pages now look a little odd in terms of font or layout, then let me know!
12-Jan-05: Updates on many site pages with opening dates + some new trivia; (Aust Heston Membury Leigh DelemereToddington Donington Reading Clacket Lane) M11 opened, with its sole stop Birchhanger, Lost page updated, Thanks page updated
30-Nov-04: Bolton West updated, Duplicate Forton page deleted, proper Forton updated and front page link corrected (doh!),Farthing Corner (Medway) updated, Gordano Updated, Links page updated
14-Oct-04: Whole of M4 Added (although some pages need more info), Gordano added, Operators page updated, Bolton West added, London Gateway updated, Fleet Updated, Memories Updated
12-Oct-04: Farthing Corner (ok…medway) , Norton Canes added
8-Sept-04: AustReading added
21-Aug-04: Forton updated (picture of restaurant in ’72)- fixed link on main page. FleetCorleyToddington all updated.
13-Jul-04: Wooley Edge and Watford Gap updated.
27-may-04: M23 Pease Pottage added.
14-apr-04 : Tebay East and West updated and Westmorland updated on the Operators Page
14-apr-04 : Killington Lake Updated
7-apr-04 : Toddington M1 updated
7-apr-04 : Newport Pagnell M1 updated
7-apr-04 : Lost motorways updated
5-apr-04 : Operators page updated
5-apr-04 : Toddington updated, including “power nap” scheme
2-apr-04 :Fleet (M3) added
2-apr-04 : New photo of Scratchwood Grill Room
2-apr-04 : New photos of Corley
23-mar-04 : Thanks to Thomas Swift, we have several facinating photos of Watford Gap
23-mar-04 : Newport Pagnell Updated
23-mar-04 : Lost services added
11-mar-04 : 5 Star Loo of the year awards noted on any sucessful site
10-mar-04 : More M6 updates, M25 pictures added, updated Operators page & General Page
10-Mar-04 : had forgotten to put the 16th feb updates onto the web. duh!
16-feb-04 : More M6 updates
16-feb-04 : Forton pictures Added
6-feb-04 : M6 trivia added for half of M6
5-feb-04 : General Page updated
25-Jan-04 : M1 trivia added
16-Jan-04 : Operators page updated

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