Magor Services

Original owner: Granada
Second Owner: First
Current Owner: RoadChef



Built as part of the 2nd Severn Bridge crossing plan, as the new bridge would divert the traffic away fromĀ Aust

In a 2001 survey of a selection of Motorway service by the AA – Magor came first.

The survey found the following plus points:
* Variety and quality of meals at the second test was better than at the first
* Signposting and layout inside and outside good
* Good wheelchair access to service area
* Telephone for disabled people available
* Leisure facilities safe
* Outside playground with a high fun factor
* Pedestrian crossings safe
* Blackboard with the day’s petrol prices displayed in the service area foyer

and the following negative points:
*High prices
*Staff not very helpful except in the tourist information office
* Restaurant not very clean
* Poor toilet hygiene results in the laboratory tests
* Shower not clean
* Outside road markings faded

Taken over by RoadChef in 2011


  1. This service area used to be owned by the “First” company using a lot of disabled staff who were always helpful the food was good and plentiful and at a decent price ( for a motorway services) The services have recently been taken over by Road Chef and the quality of the food has plumeted, very little selection after 17-30hrs, the staff are surley and do not want to serve you, at present the building is being converted to a Macdonalds and Costa area so looks more like a building site than a service area. NOT TO BE RECOMMENDED

  2. This service station is very old looking, busy, hasnt changed much on my last visit ages ago. It has been bought by Roadchef in 2011. It will hopefully be better…

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