M5 Sedgemoor Services

Opened: 1970
Original owner: None
Original Name: Brent Knoll Rest Area
Converted to an MSA in 1986/7
Current Owner: Welcome Break(North) RoadChef (South)


Opened as Brent Knoll Rest and Picnic Area in about 1970.

As a result of vandalism, untidiness and unauthorized trading at the rest area, the Department of Transport invited Trusthouse Forte (who ran Gordano services further north), and RoadChef (who ran Taunton Deane to the south) to manage the north and southbound sites. By 1985 it was felt that there was sufficient demand to create a true MSA and so the DoT accepted both THF and Roadchefs proposals to develop their own halves of the site. Consequentially, the northbound site opened in 1987 and the southbound in 1986


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