M23 Pease Pottage Services

Opened: Unknown (late 1980’s? or Early 90’s)
Original owner: Welcome Break
Subsequent owner: Granada
Current Owner: Moto
Location: M23 J11

Possibly the smallest motorway services!. Operates from a single site off a roundabout and down the road from the Motorway.

Has just 6 urinals (one of which is a junior urinal) just to prove how small this site is.

Despite its size, has everything you would expect from a typical Moto, including Shop, Burger King, Restaurant, Arcade, Cash machine, and Petrol (which is slightly cheaper than other MSA’s).

Located next to the motorway, but accessed via the B2114 (but still officially an MSA) (see)

Pease Pottage has not got any local shops (except a florist) so this site is also used by locals

Curiously, the sign announcing the services on the motorway had GU221 written on it. It was a very neat sign and looked official. It sounds like it was a very sophisticated bit of grafitii- as it read MOTO GU221 = MOTO GUZZI – a type of bike (see here for details)

See also: History of the M23 and find out why it ends at J7

Despite its size, it was a very pleasant, clean and peaceful service area.


James Snodgrass

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