Lymm Services


Opened: 1994
Current Owner: Poplar 2000
Location: Junction 20


Lymm is a modern, purpose-built truck stop with a capacity for 400 trucks, in Lymm, Cheshire.

A popular stop for trucks on the M6, but we think ordinary traffic can now stop there too.

One of two Truck stops along the M6- the other is at J38

Big Vern writes:
“Popular Truckstop existed on the A50 just of M56 junction 20 and M56 junction 9 for many years. In the 1980’s Pochin ( a Cheshire construction company brought the truckstop and moved it across the road to a triangle of land between the M6, M56 and A50. At the same time the M6 was extended to four lanes from junction 20 over the Thelwall

It has a large area of truck parking with a large diesel only forecourt for the trucks. However there is also a large car park with a drive-thru McDonalds and a 12 pump Total petrol station as well a restaurant, barbers, and a “CB Shack” – a truckers accessories shop. A few years ago Pochin’s sold the truck stop to Moto. There was a “story” that this was because Moto feared it was going to lose the Southbound Knutsford Services on the M6 due to the building of A556(M).

Moto have now got the Highways Agency to sign it has Popular 2000 Services – Lymm Truckstop from the M6 and the M56. At the same time the signs shown “no trucks” for Knutsford services. Moto also built a TravelLodge.”

Gavin Spence writes:
“One thing that is unusual about Lymm is that it is not an official motorway services – it cant be as this would go against the policy of not permitting MSA’s to be licenced to serve alcohol. Lymm is signed off of the M6 and it has managed to maintain its drinks licence as it also provides a function suite facility for busineses. Moto use this a lot
for their own staff meetings.”

“the main reason [that moto wanted to purchase Lymm] was that the moto site at Knutsford had a small car / lorry park and they wanted to maximise this so decided to limit it to cars only and make the trucks stop at Lymm – it made sense as the parking facilities are a little too small.”

“J B”
Big Vern

Received votes so far and a sample of comments:

People who prefer this MSA 28
People happy to visit 14
People who avoid this MSA 40
Selection of comments received This is the ONLY stop on the M6 that serves decent food. Farm shop also good – I use it when returning home in the same way as I use my local farm shop. 29/01/2006 12:53:07
Excellent standards of food and cleanliness for a MSA 01/02/2006 11:42:32
The problem is that it is too close to Liverpool (aka the end of your journey) If it were on Chat Moss, then the services might be looked after more affectionatly by we4lcome Break 07/02/2006 14:40:54
Come on IKEA put the place out of its misery! Just think of all those extra car park spaces!!! 20/03/2006 15:17:50
18/01/2007 13:01:16
The Burger King staff were a pleasure 11/03/2007 22:29:13
road acces from southbound to northbound side of the site 24/03/2007 17:38:22
I would like to know how you justify charging £1.60 for a cup of tea 20/07/2007 22:05:00
They employ a rogue parking company to monitor your stay. Why should you have to pay for over 2 hours, if you are actually using their services and can prove it. They are not interested when you contact them about it 09/08/2007 08:48:12
Simply the best MSA on the M6 12/08/2007 19:59:52
I do trailer change overs (night trunking ) at Lymm, we have to pay for a contract for 6 trucks but no spaces are reserved or indeed, no effort is made to stop day drivers from parking in the designated trailer change over area. 29/01/2006 10:59:30
like * A LOT * the fact they have Costa Coffee… 15/09/2007 14:57:38
stopped using this msa as tiolets in petrol station always smelly and dirty. 19/09/2007 03:26:40
Going to the toilets involves disappearing into a solid stone wall – interesting. Its on a quiet part of the M6 and not very large. 08/11/2007 18:05:28
Superb building. Always know Im nearly home (Cumbria) when I see it. 11/12/2007 23:49:36
The service at the Wimpy is the stuff of legend. I love it more than I love my own children. 16/12/2007 16:28:46
Imread an article in one of the architecture journals a fe w years back which stated, inter alia, that the Beatles used to drive the 50 or so miles from Liverpool due to the novelty factor. 25/12/2007 02:52:38
This is an absolutely lovely MSA setting in what I can only describe as stunning countryside. I also love the caravan site, but I feel that the prices are getting much too high particularly when compared with Caravan Club sites. 27/12/2007 22:06:30
Expensive food which gave me and my friends food poisoning. 10/02/2008 15:52:46
Filthy bogs, unhelpful staff, food fit for the swill bins only. Beware the CUNNING CLAMPERS, they appear like spirits, all in all, try somewhere else less hassle free 14/02/2008 19:18:16
If I make it as a pop star Ill feature the Pennine Tower on my first video, hopefully this will generate enough interest to get it reopened, what do you think? 19/03/2008 22:33:22
The camera recognition tracked my plates and DVLA gave them my home address. How on earth can they get away with charging £50 for overstaying by 30 mins…the fine should fit the offence ….this is highway robbery. I will never visit there again 25/03/2008 19:05:16
woman in shop had the manners of a pig 26/03/2008 16:54:47
This services is very special to me, right from the early Rosses days, will be vhaining myself to it when the bulldozers finally arrive 16/04/2008 22:51:31
Very Light 20/04/2008 01:30:08
Im another person who received a £50 fine from parking eye. Heard that the same as happened to people at other MOTO brand services. I NOW NEVER USE MOTO SERVICE AREAS. 30/04/2008 04:47:21
30/04/2008 04:50:57
its very dirty and smells like a tramp , the food is high priced wiv not alot to choose from 08/05/2008 13:21:21
Always avoid Moto sites 03/10/2008 14:42:11
Disgusting food, lorry park no longer secure. Seriously overrated, Id sooner night-out in a lay-by.20/10/2008 20:34:32
I loved my pink cup from this msa but I did not appreciate the fifty quid fine for nothing. Boycott Moto!13/11/2008 11:46:17
went to lymm popular 2000 food cold tables dirty floor dirty showers not working expect more for my money 20/11/2008 07:40:24
Received 2 £50 fines from ParkingEye when it is their incompetent camera system at fault. It does not always register vehicles leaving. They are not interested in hard facts and proof of innocence – steer clear! 15/01/2009 17:36:34
The policy of encouaging coaches probably works for them financially but which muppet decided to deal with parking via moron central – truckers – take your business away is the message I was getting.14/02/2009 17:32:05
Im another person who received a £50 fine from parking eye. Heard that the same as happened to people at other MOTO brand services. I NOW NEVER USE MOTO SERVICE AREAS. 23/02/2009 16:41:43
The parking cameras often dont pick you up when leaving and then register you going out the next day and issue you with a finei I would recommend that you only use this service station if you are not calling in daily. 27/03/2009 10:02:30
Parking Eye are scammers, avoid this MSA 04/05/2009 00:54:39
I too have been caught by parking eye and their dodgy practices so will now avoid these service ares20/05/2009 12:21:32
I have today received a parkign fine after spendign 2 hours 30 mins in their restaurant and services? I met a business colleague, we had a a busienss meeting, coffeee and lunch. I left the services with no sign of any ticket or belief of doing anythi 27/05/2010 23:41:35
One off our company vehicles was fined £50.00 when unable to leave MOTO Trowellservices due to motorway being closed due to accident 06/05/2010 -Our driver had even payed for his meals and coffe and still had a fine 14/06/2010 15:46:59
AVOID MOTO SERVICE. I paid for lunch for 9 businese colleagues. Result:£50 fine. MOTO SERVICE bring in CP PLUS LTD as a partner in crime is disguising – daylight robbery. MOTO treats their customers like CASH COW. MOTO dont give a sh*t 03/02/2011 15:51:04

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  1. after the journey from hell, torrential rain and gusting wind I had the headache from hell so pulled in to lymm for a coffee and a de stress….coffee didn’t do the trick so I reclined the seat for a nap, woke up two hours later and went back for another coffee which eventually had the desired effect and a continued on my way….a week later I receive a fine through the post….firstly I resent the fact its a rest area and you aren’t allowed to freely rest, I used the facilities as a paying customer(twice!)I think ROSPA need to get in on this one…been in since to look at the signage , I’m 6ft 3 and there quite small and out of my normal line of sight(above)…on the day it was hammering down so nobody is going to linger to search for a parking sign in that! so come on lymm if you’re going to charge for parking lets have some barriers and attendants so its apparent to all who enter.Dick Turpin ring any bells?

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