Cobham Services



Opening: ????
Located between Junction 9 and 10 (closer to 10)



Still only a proposal, but alternative sites seem to have been ruled out.

Multimap link to siteĀ 

Located between junction 9 and 10, but very close to junction 10.

If successful, will be built on the site New Barn Farm, in Cobham.

The financial backer is Total-Fina-Elf. From this it sounds like a Roadchef site, but can’t be sure. Total was getting concerned about the cost of the inquiry as this has been going back and forth since 1995.

Other proposals for MSA’s on the M25 have been rejected by the Secretary of State.
Proposals have also been received for nearby services on the M40 and M4, but have been refused by the local planning authority.

The local council opposed the scheme, but there are now revisions in the scheme that place conditions of maintenance of the landscape, including areas surrounding the MSA which seem a good way to ensure the long term maintenance of the site. (more)

Only means of access has been submitted for approval. Full plans of landscaping etc would need to be submitted and approved before the scheme can go ahead. Landscaping plans are prepared, but it could be a long wait until something is started.

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  1. This has been open for a while now. It’s in a good spot, and a presentable MSA – but all the usual trashy food places and no originality of course.

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