Clacket Lane Services

Opened: 1993
Original owner: RoadChef
Current Owner: RoadChef
Located between Junction 5 and 6


Made to resemble like a ranch.

Lies on the edge of the North Downs.

One of the largest services areas in Europe – and apparently the busiest MSA in europe.

The original application named the services “Titsey Wood” after the forest which surrounds this site.

First proposed around 1972.

Originally It was hoped that the site would have been built at the Sevenoaks M25/26 junction which was to be a roundabout, but the junction was re-designed leaving no room for a MSA.

There was a lot of opposition to building Clacket Lane on scenic grounds, and Surrey council argued that it was not needed, especially considering the mooted (at the time) services at Leatherhead (which never saw the light of day.

The Clockwise site has each of the units (i.e. shop, arcade, cafe) radiating of a central atrium with a fountain. You pass though a “gate” feature to enter the site. The Clockwise site is totally different in layout, a more linear straight layout, although possibly slightly larger.

RoadChef like to control stock regarding both sides of each of their sites as a whole site- at Clacket Lane the two sides are linked by a fibre optic link via a duct under the road. At other sites it wasn’t possible to dig up the road and no known ducts existed, so they use a wireless link.

The Petrol Forecourt on the west bound side was changed in early 2003 to include a Spar convienience shop and more importantly, a Delic de France and Costa Coffee- this type of convience food had not been offered previously, but has since prooved its worth- forecourt shop sales rose 24%- perhaps showing that people will by “to-go” from the petrol station but not the main complex. Wonder how much of that is impulse purchase?

Not a good picture, but left is the clockwise site. Above is the anti clock wise site. Its a lot nicer than it looks- here it look s like a typical 1990’s Tesco!

James (aka Robin Cook)
“Jam Sandwich”

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  1. Clacket Lane (Westbound) vies with Stafford South for my favourite services.
    I’l give it to Clackett Lane, for having ample parking, a nice relaxed feel, friendly staff plus a mini museum displaying the Roman archaeolgy of the site discovered when the services were built. A nice haven for a a tired man travelling 160 miles home after a week working in Dartford.

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