Cardiff Gate Services

Opened: 16 November 2000
Original owner: Granada/Moto
Then: Travelrest/Travelodge 3 February 2003
Current Owner: Welcome Break (2007)
Location: J30


Whilst provided by Moto, not even Moto’s web site denoted it as a Motorway Service area- rather as a convienience centre for the Business park it is part of. It became quite run down with nothing open but the toilets.

Welcome Break in 2007 took over the site and are refurbishing the site. As of July, Burger king and the shop were complete and opened for business

Part of a very large (100 acre) business park at Junction 30

Single sided, and offline- you can do a u-turn and go back the other way


  1. Satrbucks, Waitrose, WH Smiths and Burger King now all on site

  2. Don’t use for a meeting that may run over 2 hrs – parking charges. Same coffee available at a hotel on J32 and a better Service Stn at J33 – you will be welcome at both as long as you buy a drink. Avoid!

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