Burton In Kendal Services

Opened: 1970
Original owner: Mobil
Subsequent Owner: Granada (in 1973?)
Current Owner: Moto
Location: M6 Northbound J 35/36

Originally opened as Burton West

A Single sided, inter junction site, or, in other words, it serves the northbound side of the motorway. Killington Lake serves the Southbound side about 7 miles north of this site.

One of the few sites where the Head Lease is owned by a petrol company. The services are by arrangement.

Votes an comments on our old system:

People who prefer this MSA 14
People happy to visit 3
People who avoid this MSA 3
Selection of comments received sinde the early eighties when i first started driving and going to the lakes or scotland,my friends and i have nicknamed forton services marineville as in the gerry anderson show stingray. .can anyone else see the resemblance.. paul.lancs. 14/09/2005 17:29:20
This is my regular stopoff en route between Bucks and Yorks. The food is nicely presented, and the staff are invariably friendly. Has an air of being properly customer-focussed. Dont like the potted philosophy boards at the food counter… 24/10/2005 08:00:32

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